relaxury = relax + luxury for mind + body

With our store concept "relaxury = relax + luxury for mind + body", we are introducing our original and carefully selected items to make your personal time and space feel comfortable and relaxed.

Wake up in the morning , drink a glass of water and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
Take a walk in your neighborhood and travel to refresh your senses. Find and touch the things reflecting your personality to restore your balance between mind and body.

Feel the moment and make your personal time and everyday living sensuous and precious.

『relaxury/リラグジュアリー=relax + luxury for mind + body』をコンセプトに



STYLE MEETS PEOPLEでは、パーソナルな上質なくつろぎの時間を提案するライフスタイル





Enjoy everyday with carefully selected our refined and stylish tableware collections. We showcase from glass ware to beautiful white porcelain ware of "hakuji" collection produced by a top fashion illustrator, tamaki ogata.


We are having Art exhibitions featuring Photography, SUMIGA(ink brush painting), Water Color Painting, Glass, Ceramic and more through our“ART MEETS PEOPLE” project.

Bath & Home Fragrance

Featuring our original Bath Colletciotn, " Midnight Relax" in refeshing scent inspired by sparkling wine. SMP Room Diffuser and interior aroma incense brand, "TOKYO KODO" and more!

and MORE

STYLE MEETS PEOPLE exhibited interiorlifestyle tokyo 2022 インテリア ライフスタイル (messefrankfurt.com) for our original furniture and art objects collaborating with BMJP (BESPOKE MATERIALS JAPAN-bespokematerials.jp) Thank you for visiting our booth and SNS during the show.


Takuo Asahi - excavation

■Takuo Asahi / 朝日 拓雄 作品展 [ excavation / 発掘] 2022.09.22 THUR. – 10.09 SUN. 仲秋、残暑が和らぎ、台風の到来、そして秋雨ごとに朝晩、涼風を感じる季節となりました。 この度、STYLE MEETS...

September 21, 2022

Misato Ogihara Solo Exhibition

■ART MEETS PEOPLE vol.051 Misato Ogihara 荻原 美里 個展 Solo Exhibition un moment important / 大切な時間 2022. August 4, Sat. - September 4, Sun. ...

August 20, 2022

Yoshitaka Koshiya LANDSCAPE III -zen

■ART MEETS PEOPLE VOL.050 越谷 喜隆 写真展/Yoshitaka Koshiya Photo Exhibition 『LANDSCAPE III -zen』 2022.6.10 FRI - 7.3 SUN. 11:00〜20:00 五月雨続きの...

June 9, 2022

STYLE MEETS PEOPLE @interiorlifestyle tokyo 2022

■interiorlifestyle tokyo 2022出展のご案内 STYLE MEETS PEOPLEはinteriorlifestyle tokyo /インテリアライフスタイル2022の BMJP(BESPOKE MATERIALS JAPAN)ブースに出展します。...

May 29, 2022

Flower Moon - Natural Dyeing Metal Craft by Koudai Makino

■Flower Moon - Natural Dyeing Metal Craft by Koudai Makino 「フラワームーンー草木染金属工芸 by 牧野 広大 」 - 草木染と金属の融合から生まれる優美な世界- 2022年5月6日(金)~5月22日(日) 昨年...

May 1, 2022

Art + upcycling in mind

■BMJP x STYLE MEETS PEOPLE 『ART PANEL』Art + upcycling in mind 2022.4.22 Fri. - 5.15 Sun 『BMJP(Bespoke Materials Japan)』とコラボレーションした『ART P...

April 22, 2022


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