POP-UP SHOP acrylic by masako Ban

■POP-UP SHOP acrylic by masako Ban/坂雅子
期間限定ショップ  2017.4.28.FRI-5.21.SUN

“素材が主役、デザインはシンプルに”をコンセプトに素材と向き合い、使い心地に細部までこだわった、軽さが魅力のacrylicのバック。今年もmade in Japanの産業資材・特殊素材を使い、独創的でスタイリッシュなバックやアクセサリーの定番に新作を加えてご紹介します。

We are now having the POP-UP shop event for acrylic by masako Ban. "acrylic" is an accessory brand established by masako Ban, Originally an educated architect and graphic designer. Her simplicity in design enhances the beauty and functionality of industrial materials. Proudly handmade in Japan. Please find your favorite bag or accessory for this season!