Kentaro Hirano Nihonga Exhibition

Kentaro Hirano Nihonga Exhibition / 平野健太郎 日本画作品展
2018.7.20 FRI. - 8.26 SUN.



■平野 健太郎 /  Kentaro Hirano
1971年福岡県生まれ。2003 年武蔵野美術大学造形学部日本画科を卒業し、現在は東京を

Born in Fukuoka in 1971. Graduated from Musashino Art University and majored in Nihonga of Art and Design in 2003. Currently Hirano lives and works in Tokyo, and has received good reviews in Japan and abroad such as Belgium and Brazil through numerous solo and group exhibitions.

His works are created by traditional Japanese painting technique of Nihonga.
It is a Japanese type of painting using crushed mineral pigments mixed with a natural liquid adhesive. He repeatedly applies its medium gently on top of silk or Japanese paper. Pursuing the "beauty" in nature, Hirano has painted fragments of leaves and ripples on the surface of water by gentle breeze. He has been fascinated by the elements of nature such as water, rays of light and vast space that is hard to capture.
There is an undercurrent world of thought and feeling that Hirano would like to seek desperately, rather than those that exist and reality. And also he tries to seize a scene moving between reality and imagination. Those that have emerged are truly what Hirano is eager to paint. The way he paints on both side of ethereal silk canvas creates illusional space and it makes the viewer feel as if there were fragment and breeze through the paint.