TAKEYOSHI MITSUI I Glass Artworks -silence


TAKEYOSHI MITSUI I Glass Artworks -silence
2019.3.9 SAT. - 3.31 SUN

光井威善 I ガラス作品展 - silence



silence glass:「第56回日本クラフト展」U35賞 受賞

ART MEETS PEOPLE vol. 032 is featuring the new works of
silence series by Takeyoshi Mitsui.

Takeyoshi Mitsui, a glass artist, born in Hiroshima, Japan and a postgraduate in the arts and crafts of Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. By his outstanding hand blown glass technique, he made art and craft pieces from sake glass to flower vases and objects. The colors are in tranquil monochrome or blight and luster in jewel tones. His works reflect his imagined scenery with pure and fresh sensitivity. After his four years experience at Toyama Glass Studio, he had an opportunity in artist-in-residence program to create and exhibit his works in Canberra, Australia in summer of 2016 . Mitsui received the U35 award for his” silence” glass series from the Japan Crafts Exhibition(cover photo). He is highly expected to become and represent one of the most talented Japanese young artists in contemporary glass.